Eliminating Airborne Dog Hair--6 Ways to Take Dog Hair Out of the Air

Published: 17th December 2009
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If you share your home and heart with a dog, and it has the run of the house then you probably have dog hair issues. You can often see hair in the air when the blowers for the heating or air conditioning units come on. You wear it on your clothes, and can even find it in the car regardless of whether your dog has ever been there.

You already know that nothing will completely eliminate the hair, but at this point you would surely settle for reducing its presence in your life? As the saying goes - love me, love my dog. We still find dog hair from previous dogs on the back of furniture, and on clothes that we haven't used for a while; and it is a poignant reminder of our friend who still holds a big chunk of our hearts. But if you are looking for less rather than more, here are 6 ways to considerable reduce the dog hair in your life.

1. Brush Often - If you have a long-haired breed with a luxurious coat they are creatures of beauty to watch. These breeds usually also require more grooming to keep them looking their best.

A regular schedule of brushing their coat will not only improve the health of their skin, avoid matting and tangles, but also removes excess hair before it has a chance to become airborne or come off on rugs and furniture.

2. Schedule Baths - Regular bathing is good for a number of reasons, not the least of which is removing excess hair. If your breed has a thick under coat, bathing can help get rid of some of that fine fur. Before beginning this with any breed, consult your veterinarian to get a recommendation for frequency and products that are best.

3. Feed a Proper Diet - Sometimes excess shedding can result from improper diet. If your dog seems otherwise healthy but sheds more than you think it should, consult with your veterinarian to make sure diet is not contributing to the problem.

4. Check for Allergies - Like people, dogs are often allergic to many things that they encounter in their environment. But unlike people, they are not able to adequately let their humans know about it.

Many times allergies will display as loss of hair even to the point of baldness in spots. Allergies can also cause your dog to lick excessively and/or chew which causes hair loss.

If your dog is showing this type of behavior, your primary veterinarian is an excellent resource for a referral to an animal dermatologist. Having your pooch see a dermatologist helps you get to the source of the problem faster, and provides relief for your dog.

5. Pet Hair Roller - These roll of sticky paper are an invaluable asset to any dog owner. They can make your clothes and furniture look great in no time flat. They are inexpensive and readily available in drug stores and super markets and refills can be easily stored in your car for last minute touch ups for your clothes.

6. Remove Airborne Hair - The only way to consistently remove airborne hair from the air is with an air purifier. To be effective, it needs to have a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) filter.

This will allow it remove not only dog hair, but your dog's dander which is often at the root of asthma and allergy problems. This is a cost effective way to fix the problem continuously for all the years you have your pooch.


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