Pet Urine Air Purifier---7 Best Features For Effectiveness

Published: 15th March 2012
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A home with pets can make life great! But what is not so great is the urine smell that can plague your home because of the mistakes pets make. Using a purifier to get rid of the smell is one of the most effective ways to deal with the problem. But the cleaner should have these 7 features to yield the best results.

Activated Carbon Zeolite Filter---Carbon is renowned for its ability to remove gaseous pollutants. Having a filter like this is not only good for pet related odors but for more normal types of indoor odors. Look for about 15 pounds of carbon. This will allow the purifier to be effective in large areas.

Additive For Ammonia---Because ammonia is the most offensive part of urine, it is crucial to enhance the carbon with an additive that makes it able to be effective at removing the ammonia that can make your home or a kennel smell so awful. Ammonasorb has been found to be effective and is used in cleaners that are specifically designed to remove this type of odor.

24 Hour Filtration Capability---Sometimes you can see where the urine is, and sometimes you can't. There are times when you know where it is, but it would be costly to rip out dry wall or carpeting, or sub-flooring. In cases where you can't get to the urine, it is especially important that the cleaner be capable of filtering the air continuously.

Look in the technical specification for a split capacitor motor. This type of motor allows for safe and continuous operation. The benefit is that the ammonia levels are kept low, and your air smells clean all the time.

Variable Filtration Speeds---Some days, for whatever reason, there are more inappropriate eliminations than others. On those days it's mighty handy to be able to crank up the filtration speed.

The faster the air is able to be filtered, the cleaner your air smells. Having a purifier with high, medium, and low filtration options also allows you to save money. You can slow it down when there is less need for it.

360 Degree Intake---This may seem like a small point, but it is really important to select a unit that can pull air in from every side. This gives you the most flexibility when trying to figure out where to place your cleaner.

A cleaner that has this feature can be placed as close as 6 inches to the wall or other surface. This means is can work effectively in a corner of the room or off to the side.

With pets, anything you can do to reduce curiosity about the cord is a good thing. Select a unit that you can put it close to the wall. This cuts down on pets' temptation to chew the cord, and your chances of tripping over it.

For these reasons alone, avoid purifiers that must be placed in the middle of the room. Check the technical specifications or owner's manual before you bring home to make sure that it can be placed where you need it.

Steel Casing---Many pets explore with their teeth and their claws, or paws. Steel is tough enough to stand up to their curiosity. It will not off gas fumes because of motor heat, and it is can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Long Life Filter---Make sure the filter in the cleaner is designed to last. Units are often cheaper if the filter is high maintenance needing to be changed every couple of months. Frequent filter changes are a hidden cost, and what appeared to be an inexpensive unit winds up costing a fortune to maintain.

Also, when you're changing the filter, the air is not being cleaned. And when the air is unfiltered, the smell returns. Instead, choose a unit with a 5 year filter life, and a 5 year prorated warranty to go with it. This pretty much insures that you have a filter that will last, and a unit that will spend the majority of its time filtering urine from your air.


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