Preserving Beauticians' Health--Top 3 Hazards to Avoid in Your Beauty Salon

Published: 05th January 2010
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If you are a beautician you have the talent to cut, color, curl, highlight and design hair styles that ultimately change people's lives and how they and other feel about them.

But working in a beauty salon day in and day out can potentially change your life and health; and not in a good way. By eliminating the following 3 frequent and hazardous pollutants in your shop you can put a permanent end to unhealthy air in your salon.

Airborne Chemicals - Volatile organic chemicals and fragrances that evaporate into the air from products such as hair spray, permanents, highlighting chemicals, dyes, shampoos and conditioners cause salon air to become unhealthy to breathe.

If you have expanded your salon services to include the increasingly popular manicures and pedicures, you have also expanded the number of airborne pollutants that are being created. The smell of nail polish, polish remover, hardeners, and glue create fumes that are unpleasant and harmful to breathe.Many salons open the doors in an attempt to get rid of the fumes. But opening the door simply allows the odors to spread and does little towards eliminating them from your shop's air.

Smoke - While most salons are smoke free environments, if you are still allowing customers to smoke, or have designated an area for smoking, you and the rest of your clients are being exposed to second hand smoke.But even if your salon is a smoke free environment, the smoke from straightening and curling irons can make the air thick.

Bacteria and Viruses - Studies have shown that one of the services that people hold on to even in tough economic times is their time at the beauty salon. So hopefully your shop is busy with clients of all ages, particularly around those special times like the opening of school, and holidays.

Servicing clients of all ages means you are constantly exposed to a myriad of bacteria and viruses many of which spread through inhalation or ingestion of airborne particulates.

Clients who are sneezing, coughing, and obviously contagious make it difficult not to catch colds and flu. And while clients are exposed to all of these conditions for only an hour or so once a week or less, a beautician is exposed to all of these conditions daily.

If you have a salon that has a number of other beauticians, you can see the number of pollutants multiplies very quickly. You may be thinking that all of the above are the tools and conditions that define the job of beautician. So how do you avoid the health issues that seemingly go with the job?

The answer is to constantly filter the air and thus eliminate airborne chemicals, smoke, bacteria and viruses. To be effective, it needs to be a high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) air purifier with an additional filter that is specifically designed to remove chemicals, particulates, and odors 24 hours a day whether you are there or not.

Using an air purifier is a non-invasive and low maintenance step towards healthy indoor air quality that will make your beauty salon a healthy place to be for you and your clients.


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