Removing Diesel Fumes From the Air You Breathe - 3 Reasons to Act Now

Published: 21st May 2010
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Diesel fuel is a huge part of what literally makes the modern world go. Large cities have a huge amount in the atmosphere from various types of transportation, and make up an increasingly alarming percentage of the air outdoors.

And while we seem to have less control over the air outside our homes and offices, here are 3 reasons to make sure your indoor air remains free of diesel fumes.

The Robert A. Taft Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio-a United States government laboratory-- published a report as early as 1988 which confirmed that exposure to diesel fumes causes lung cancer in humans.

There are many who remain unconvinced that this is indeed fact because with any scientific study there is always margin for error. But when it comes to the health of you and your family, better to err on the safe side by taking precautions against the fumes.

The Clean Air Task Force says that diesel fumes are responsible for 27,000 nonfatal heart attacks and 410,000 asthma attacks in United States adults each year, approximately 12,000 cases of chronic bronchitis, 15,000 hospital admissions, 2.4 million lost-work days, and 14 million restricted activity days.

If you live or work near in close proximity to companies that emit large amounts of diesel fumes continuously, you have more exposure to them than you might think. Train stations, bus terminals, airports, and even diesel repair shops can have an adverse effect not just on the outdoor air, but the air inside your home or office as well.

Often the location of your home or work gives you little choice about being able to avoid these fumes. For instance, if you company's office is located above a diesel repair shop where the motors idle constantly through the day and night, just coming and going from your office means you're breathing fumes daily.

Environmental disasters such as oil spills can also pose a huge health threat. Clean up is often slow and can take years to be fully completed. This is hazardous to both you and your family.

If you are also able to smell these fumes indoors while you work, you are being exposed to air quality that is at best less than healthy, and at worse hazardous.

And your nose knows that diesel fumes just simply smell awful. If you work in the transportation industry or your office or home is being bombarded by the smell of constant diesel fuel fumes, you are living with this truth.

Frustrating as it is, there is often little to be done about the outdoor air, but you can eliminate them from indoor air , and doing so should be at the top of the list for preserving good health in your home and office.

Removing these fumes can be done safely and effectively 24 hours a day with an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove chemicals that off-gas from diesel fuel.


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