Salon Chemical Air Cleaner---5 Most Important Features To Choose

Published: 21st February 2012
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Working in a beauty or nail salon day after day can mean huge exposure to airborne chemicals that evaporate from many salon products. This makes you more vulnerable to the short and long term effects of breathing these chemicals.

Getting these chemicals out of the air consistently and efficiently is a must to preserve the health of those frequent your salon. Here are the 5 most important features to select in the air cleaner for your shop.

Carbon Filter---Carbon is the best type of filter to use to remove airborne chemicals. It has proven itself to be effective at being a able to gaseous pollutants such as odors, gases, and chemicals. But even carbon filters need help when it comes to trapping VOCs such as formaldehyde and other chemical vapors that off gas from all too many beauty products.

Potassium Iodide continues to prove to be effective at enhancing carbon's ability to effectively filter and remove airborne chemicals from salons. And whereas a filter with just carbon can remove some, a filter with this additive is much more efficient.

Wheels---Most cleaners work by pulling in air that is closest to it first, filtering the air and sending it back into the room displacing more air. This process repeats again and again until all the air that is available to open to the cleaner has been filtered.

Choosing a cleaner with sturdy wheels or casters gives you the ability to roll the cleaner closer to a station where a particularly smelly procedure is to occur. This means that the fumes from that procedure will be the first to be pulled into the cleaner. This will lessen the overall smell and help prevent it from spoiling air quality all over the salon.

24 Hour Operation---Once chemicals evaporate into the air, some of them hang there for hours. Without continuous filtration, you will find that you walk into the salon in the morning still smelling the chemicals from procedures that were done the previous day. This stale air is no way to start the day and is certainly not the first impression you want customers to have when entering your salon.

A purifier with a split capacitor motor is necessary if you are to be able to trust the unit to run 24 hours a day. This type of motor is designed to run continuously with high revolutions per minute (RPM) and long life duty. Without this feature, you may be restricted to running the cleaner for limited time during the day.

Limited cleaning is like limited heating or cooling of the air in your salon. It just doesn't make the salon a pleasant or healthy place to be.

Long Life Filter---A filter that lasts for a long time is important for 3 reasons. First, if the filter in the cleaner is working properly without any attention from you, it allows you to use your time in ways other than maintaining the filter.

And secondly, since maintenance usually means an interruption in its operation, your air is being filtered without interruption. And third (my personal favorite), if the filter last a long time you spend less money on replacement filters.

Be sure to check the technical specifications online or in the owner's manual to see how long the filter is expected to last. If the filter life is only 6 months or even a year, leave it on the shelf.Frequent filter changes significantly add to the cost of operating the unit.

Instead choose a cleaner that not only has a filter life of 5 years, but one that offers a warranty on the filter in case it does not last that long. A pro-rated filter warranty is one of the best ways to insure that your filter will last.

Substantial Purifier Warranty---Make sure that the cleaner you choose has more than a 6 month or one year warranty. Should anything go wrong after this time, you are likely to have to pay for expensive repairs or buy a new unit. Either of these scenarios send the cost of the unit through the roof.

Instead, choose a cleaner that is guaranteed to last for 5 years, and one that the manufacture is willing to repair even after the warranty period is over. This means you are more likely to be able to get the parts that may be necessary for any repair, but it also indicates that you will probably never have to use the service.

A manufacture couldn't make money if they had to continually repair their units. So a long warranty is probably one of the best indications you can have that the cleaner is well built and will last far beyond the warranty period.


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